Stanton Optical - Frame Genie

Photography and post-production

The Project

Stanton Optical created a new brand,, which would conduct 100% of its sales online.  Giving customers an experience similar to that of a brick and mortar store was essential.  A virtual “try-on” option as well as 360 degree product photography of each eyeglass was needed.  Given that the volume of eyewear was in the thousands, Stanton Optical needed a high-quality yet cost-effective solution which was completely reliable.

The Challenges

We worked with Stanton Optical to understand all the necessary requirements, and then we used our experience to find a workflow which could match the quality desired and the efficiency required to keep cost down.  Custom setups were required both in terms of the camera and the 360 table.  And in post-production, innovative methods were used to create files which clients could use as a virtual “try-on” to see how the eyeglasses looked on a photo of themselves.

The end result...

…is that both Stanton Optical and its customers are pleased with the imagery and the ability inspect each eyeglass by 360 degrees as well as zoom in to see details of the frames.  It makes the shopping experience feel much more like visiting a store in person, and gives customers confidence in their choices.

Technical details

Client: Stanton Optical /

Services: Photography, and post-production

Gear: Custom Arca Swiss technical camera body, medium format lens, DSLR back, studio lighting, and custom 360 table setup.