New York University: Video Interviews

Production, videography, sound tech and post-production

The Project

New York University in Shanghai contacted us to conduct some promotional video interviews of some of their students to promote their English learning program for working professionals.

The Challenges

We usually work with trained professionals that can learn their lines and are comfortable in their native language, but in this case the series of interviews were both conducted in the their second language, and for most, this was their first time doing this.

Between the team and the teachers present on set we were able to comfort each of the students as they came in for their interview and get them comfortable in front of the camera.

The end result...

…the campaign was a success, and many of the students walked away from the day feeling like they had accomplished something satisfying and challenging. A happy ending for all.

Technical details

Client: NYU shanghai

Services: Production, videography and post-production

Gear: DSLR cameras, studio lighting & sound technician.