Macau lifestyle travel story for ELLE Deco

Production, photography and post-production

The Project

When ELLE Deco called us to help them cover a travel story for Macau we jumped on the occasion. Macau is one of Asia’s hidden gems with European influences on food and cafes, as well as being visually enticing with all it’s colorful architecture.

The Challenges

As usual with travel stories with ELLE it’s always a challenge to find the right balance with our equipment. We need enough to be professional and be able to take nice interiors, food and portraits – three widely different styles of photography that require very different gear – while also be light and nimble as well walk our 20,000 steps a day through the city.

The end result...

…we’re really happy with this story, one of our favorites up to now, with very nice high-end locations and hotels, but also nice vivid colorful street views.

Technical details

Client: ELLE Deco

Art Direction: Leon Xi

Services: Photography and post-production

Gear: DSLR camera kit with multiple lenses, iPad to shoot tethered and a good backpack system to be able to walk free-handed through the city.