Immondi: Wood flooring manufacturing

Production, photography and post-production

The Project

Immondi is a wood manufacturing company based just outside of Shanghai. They work a lot with reclaimed wood so each and every one of their projects is unique, special and one-of-a-kind.

The Challenges

Though many aspects of the production are automated, we wanted to give a human feel to the production line. So we focused on the parts of the production process where you have more human interactions with the wood, and the results show that this was the right choice.

The end result...

…we’re quite happy to have created this series of images that both represent the modern aspect of the factory and what they can produce, as well as the human (nostalgic) element of people working woods with their hands, that brings this unique element to Immondi’s products.

Technical details

Client: Immondi

Services: Production, photography and post-production

Gear: Digital SLR camera kit with multiple lenses; our on-location lighting kit; and, our computer system to shoot connected so both us and the client can preview the images on a larger screen.