Furniture Photography & 3D Rendered Background

Production, photography, CGI and post-production

The Project

As we create more and more furniture photography related project we run into the same challenge again and again: locations or custom room sets.

Locations are not always perfect, or have one room that is usable and the others are not that great. Being a Shanghai photography studio especially, many of the locations here do not have the European or American feeling our clients are looking for.

While you get exactly what you want with a room set, the costs can be dauntingly expensive. beyond build time and the space required, you get less sets than you would from renting a house or a location.

So what is the solution to all this? Simply, we come to your factory and shoot the furniture there and later on integrate it into a 3D background.

With 3D / Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) now quite advanced we can offer virtual rooms of your choosing and place the furniture inside. Choose from our library or have us create one custom built for you. So you can have one set of furniture in a New York loft while another in a Scandinavian inspired flat… while your furniture has never left your factory.

The Process

For these kinds of projects the process is somewhat reverse where a great part of the post-production is decided upon before we go to your factory and photograph your furniture.

Inspiring ourselves from your line or set of furniture we offer you a few options for virtual sets.

Once you picked the best set, we make a mock-up before we do the shooting.

Once everyone is agreed on the mock-ups, this gives us all the technical details for our camera adjustments, as well as the lighting direction for the furniture. As we need to re-create light and shadows from windows or other sources.

Once the shooting is completed we insert our photos into the chosen 3D environment and deliver to you.

The end result...

…is a very natural looking integration between photography and CGI imagery, without the foreboding costs attached to custom sets or the headache of finding the perfect location.

Technical details

Art Direction and concept: Kore Studios

Services: Production, photography, CGI and post-production

Gear: Digital medium format, technical Arca Swiss camera, 1 super computer, 1 rendering farm and specialized pro lighting.