BMF Foundry: Heavy Industry

Production, photography and post-production

Shanghai Industrial Photo Studio

The Project

BMF China is an American company established in Shanghai specializes in sourcing and manufacturing for a number of it’s clients. To illustrate one of their core services, we went to their foundry and photographed their workers and manufacturing line.

The Challenges

For cameras, lenses and general photo equipment that likes to remain ultra-clean, this is a very difficult environment to work in. The amount of dust inside of the foundry made it a challenge, but we found innovative solutions to get crisp images out of our day.

The end result...

…this series of images clearly represents the heavy industry in a hero type of way, and we’re quite happy with the result at the end of the day.

Technical details

Client: BMF China

Services: Production, photography and post-production

Gear: Digital SLR kit with lenses and on-location lighting kit.